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                          “Profiling Urban Poverty in Guwahati City” 

sSTEP conducted its first activity as a study entitled “Profiling Urban Poverty in Guwahati City” in 2003. The profiling exercise, sought to map out the poverty pockets in the city and identify and understand the core issues that beset us. Even as the study was being conducted, it was realized that the problems were immense and are much beyond what was initially anticipated.

 sSTEP encountered the miseries of the poorest of the city, who were deprived of basic minimum needs- shelter, health, livelihood, etc.


It was realized that these may be the outcomes of structural failures or peoples’ lack of awareness.The findings of this study stimulated sSTEP to start work with an objective to organizing the urban poor people. For our own understanding we categorized the urban poor different sector and started work with informal sector workers {unorganized Labourer, Street vegetable vendor, Transporter (Rickshaw puller, cart puller)} Slum dwellers, Homeless people, Street Children and Destitute people in the Guwahati city to organized.

Then the next step was to build alliances,  empowerment of the urban poor communities. Capacity building of the community members was one of the main objectives. 

What We Care For!

sSTEP Sustainable Livelihood Programme recognises that it is crucial for communities to be self-reliant. we works with people affected by leprosy and develops their capabilities in order to increase their economic resilience and social wellbeing.

Basic education is a fundamental human right. we are providing a basic education to marginalized populations across our artisans’ rural and urban areas. We do not limit the program benefits to just artisans, but rather make it available for everyone in the villages through community mobilization.

Disaster (Natural & Men Made)

sSTEP has been very active in rebuilding communities in the aftermath of various natural and man-made disasters.  Once people’s immediate needs are met by providing them with relief kits, our programs focus on enabling enduring and sustainable development in that area. 

Right Empower

sSTEP works towards the rescue,protection, anabilitation of human trafficking victims. we work with various state governments to frame anti-human trafficking schemes and policies to rescue and rehabilitate victims. we also help with legal proceedings to restore their rights. Also, it provides survivors with psychological counseling..

Health and Hygiene

Our doctors hold free health camps wherein all the Homeless, poor peoples villagers are screened and given appropriate medication absolutely free of cost!.

Women empowerment

We are providing basic education, vocational training, training  for self employment , Legal aid , protection for women, self awarnes programs. thus they mainly are concerned with the upliftment of the women in the society.