Programmes of the organizations

sSTEP conducted a study entitled “Profiling Urban Poverty in Guwahati City”. The profiling exercise, sought to map out the poverty pockets in the city and identify and understand the core issues that beset us. Even as the study was being conducted, it was realized that the problems were immense and are much beyond what was initially anticipated. sSTEP encountered the miseries of the poorest of the city, who were deprived of basic minimum needs- shelter, health, livelihood, etc. It was realized that these may be the outcomes of structural failures or peoples’ lack of awareness.

The findings of the study stimulated sSTEP to start work with an objective to organizing the urban poor people. For our own understanding we categorized the urban poor different sector and started work with informal sector workers {unorganized Labourer, Street vegetable vendor, Transporter (Rickshaw puller, cart puller)} Slum dwellers, Homeless people, Street Children and Destitute people in the Guwahati city to unionized and organized. 

Then the next step was to build alliances, right empowerment of the urban poor communities to assert for their rights. Capacity building of the community members was one of the main objectives. 

The informal sector unions such as the labours’ union, vegetable vendors’ union, Homeless people committee and domestic workers committee were formed to create a forum to express their concerns and support each other. In the process, the labour’s union and the Vendors’ Union aligned with the national level unions like the CITU and NASVI. 

These platforms were used for demanding their basic right to food and livelihood, social security and influencing policies that affect them. sSTEP and the Homeless committee is part of the City Makers caravan.Apart from this programme sSTEP has a drop in center for street children where children can enjoy their childhood and get informal education.



sSTEP (Society for Social Transformation and Environment Protection) is a Guwahati city based development organization working in Guwahati city and North East India. The facilities in the organization are as follows:
  • A city based Office with 10 rooms (12’X12’)
  • A Meeting Hall cum Lodging space (25000 sq feet) and a small meeting room
  • 8 desktop computer and Four laptop
  • Internet access/connection
  • One vehicle (TATA Sumo) and One Scooter (personnel have own motor cycle)
  • Well equipped furniture, library, display board
  • A large number of Volunteer and Interns

Capacity and Expansion Plan

sSTEP has been working with the urban poor since 2003. All staffs are experienced on the urban works. In 2003 sSTEP conduct the study “Poverty profiling of Guwahati city”. In 2004 sSTEP implement a project “Building Alliance among Urban Poor, Guwahati city”. From 2005 to 2008 sSTEP works with the urban poor for “Institution Bulding of urban poor”. From 2009 to till that sSTEP is working with urban poor for their development. We have also an expansion plan for a children home cum education/training center with the capacity of 100 children.

  • Experienced and trained staff working on the urban issues
  • Implementing 3 urban project covering the target group- Slum dwellers, Daily wage workers, street Vendor, Vulnerable children, Homeless people, Domestic workers
  • sSTEP presently implementing projects
  • Development Area supported by Action Aid India
  • Link UP Essential (Slum) supported by OXFAM
  • s STEP Xohai (Domestic worker) supported by Assamese foundation of North America
  • Shelter Project supported by Indo Global social service society
  • Food Right supported by Food right Campaign network (ECHO)
  • Flood relief and Rehabilitation supported by Action aid, Save the Children, Tata institute of Social Science.
  • Children home project supported by Lotus Flower Trust (UK)
  • sSTEP has a plot of land (one bigha) in the periphery of the city.
  • Our annual budget is more than one core.
  • sSTEP has Good relation with the district administration, municipal corporation and Guwahati Metropolitan Development Authority.

Brahmaputra Children home

Brahmaputra children home is a glorious initiative of sSTEP, as chiild development is one of the main focus of sSTEP, we initiate hildren home for fifty most marginalised and destitute Children. this home is Situated at Garoghuli, Ahomgaon, Gorchuk, Guwahati 781035 which is registered under District Child Protection Unit, Kamrup(Metro). At present  there are 25 children both boys and girls.  we provide facilities for all rounds development of the Children. this children home is running through the local contribution.

We believe that a little opportunity can create a leader for tommorrow, hence we nurture young lives to live with dignity and to break the vicious cycle of social aprthy towards the children living in distress.