Health Checkup of our Children

Thankyou Dr. Gayatri Dutta Baruah baidou

We Heartly accepted your Love.

Thank you great John sir & team for your greatful visit

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What We Do


— We Provide Care

Healthcare always remains as top priority for SSTEPASSAM. We continue to address the health needs of underprivileged children and women through our dedicated health centre.


— Support & Dignity

We believe, that providing mere basic health care is not enough, as every individual also deserves dignity, at SSTEPASSAM, we ensure the same by providing them respect, human touch, basic health care, free food and dry ration through compassionate approach.


— Disaster Relief

Our team along with volunteers and doctors are always first to respond to natural or manmade disaster, with principal response efforts focused on food, shelter, water, health and sanitation. 


— We Educate

Save the Children helps children with the donation money and provides them access to quality education.


— We Provide CareWe Find & Fund

A shared commitment to relieve suffering and improve the lives of Poor’s and homeless Children.


— Voluntering Programs

We regularly need volunteers, sometime on project-to-project basis, and sometimes for ongoing programmes.

Impact Stories

10 years the organization expands

In the rural areas we initially we focused in Education and later on we work with farmers, womens and disaster. In last 10 years the organization expands its working field and areas.

A Brighter Future — For Homeless & Poor Children

From 2009 to till that sSTEP is working with Urban poor for their development. we have also an expnasion plan for a children home cum education training centre with the capacity of 100 children.